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Discuss freight rates and lanes as well as get updates on what is happening with freight volumes and supply and demand in trucking.

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Presentations and Webinars

Regulatory and Legislative Update - May 2019
by Henry Seaton and David Gee, May 2019

How to Effectively Contract for Excess Capacity and Reduce Risk
Henry E. Seaton, Esq., October 15, 2014

Delta Nu Alpha Webinar Series
The following 6 webinars were recorded in the Spring of 2014 as part of a Supply Chain Knowledge Management course at the University of Alaska Anchorage in their Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program. The topics are shown below. If you are interested in listening to these presentation, please visit the Delta Nu Alpha Website.

MAP-21 (Fighting Fraud in Transportation)
Henry E. Seaton, Internet Truckstop Webinar, January 21, 2014
What the New Bond Regulations Require and How It Affects Carriers, Brokers And Forwarders?

To Be or Not to Be Additional Insured
Henry E. Seaton, Internet Truckstop Webinar, April 27, 2012

Hot Topics Which Can Affect Carrier Costs
Henry E. Seaton, 2010 CCJ Spring Symposium, May 25, 2010
Views on some of the most significant legal developments in the trucking industry.

Freight Intermediaries - Who Are They and What Is Their Liability?
(PowerPoint) and Bibliography
Henry E. Seaton and Mark Yunker
Inland Marine Underwriters Association, May 18, 2010

Managing Risk: Indemnity and Insurance
CCJ Webinar - June 25, 2009
Henry E. Seaton, Esq.

Protecting Carrier Interests in Shipper and Broker Bankruptcies
FirstAdvantage Audio Conference - June 10, 2009 (with audio)
Featuring Henry E. Seaton, Esq. and John T. Husk, Esq. of Seaton & Husk, LP

The Dirty Baker's Dozen: 13 Controversial Contract Provisions That Divide Shippers, Brokers And Carriers
CCJ Webinar – August 28, 2008

Shipper Load and Count, Broken Seals and Terrorist Threats in the Foodstuff Supply Chain
TCA Refrigerated Division Annual Meeting
July 9 - 11, 2008

Dark Clouds on the Horizon - Issues Involving Truck Transportation
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – February 21, 2008 (with audio)
Topical summary of transportation trends affecting the industry – The FedEx case, classification issues, privatization, TSA initiatives, transborder issues, roadability and more.  Henry E. Seaton, Esq. with Avery Vise, Editor, Commercial Carrier Journal.

Accident Liability Travels Up the Supply Chain
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – March 20, 2008 (with audio)
This webinar discusses how to combat the plaintiff bar’s effort to embroil shippers and brokers in accident lawsuits. Henry E. Seaton, Esq. with Dan Sullivan with Sullivan, Hincks & Conway.

61 Good Reasons Not to Waive Federal Transportation Law and Bill of Lading Terms by Contract
(PowerPoint pdf copy)
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – April 15, 2008
What you give up by waiving application of general rules of federal transportation law and bill of lading terms in contracts. Henry E. Seaton, Esq. and Bill Bierman, Executive Director, Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association.

Multimodal Cargo Liability Issues
(PowerPoint pdf copy)
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – May 22, 2008
This webinar surveys the conflicting cargo liability regimes affecting the various transportation modes, both foreign and domestic. Henry E. Seaton, Esq. with Bruce Rider, Norfolk Southern Railroad and Marcus Hickey, Forward Air, Inc.

Contracts of Carriage-A Study of Controversial Provisions which Divide Shippers, Brokers and Carriers
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – June 26th, 2008 (with audio)
This webinar addresses recurring issues which divide shippers, brokers and carriers. These divisive issues and possible compromises are discussed. Henry E. Seaton, Esq., and Scott W. McMickle, Esq.

FMCSA Safety Regulations: SafeStat- CSA 2010 and FMCSA Rulemaking Updates
Delta Nu Alpha Webinar – July 25th, 2008 (with audio)
Improper use of SafeStat by plaintiff’s bar, proposed new out-of-service regulations and the affect on drivers, carriers, shippers and brokers discussed. Henry E. Seaton, Esq. and Rick Gobbell, Safety Consultant and former FMCSA State Director.

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